Who am I, Where am I, What is this Place?

This started as a talk that I did , often at colleges and universities.  The speech outlines my personal experience that mind, body, spirit is real, something I now personally know to be true. It's my life story told in terms of how I recovered from my past and the techniques and new thinking I used, rather than focusing on the pain and who did what to whom.  That's for the autobiography that I really don't want to write as I hate revisiting the two P's- pain and the past - and encourage my clients not to take that trip.  But never say never.

However, there is no need to embrace my beliefs in order to read this book, because although the approach is spiritual the advice and guidance that I share, that helped to save my sanity, is down-to-earth, practical, and useful in the real world.  

Other Writing


Writing is and will always be my first love, because it became the basis for everything I do now in my work.  I'm all about words.  Writing was the way I started to express myself, and realised that I could put ideas together in ways that reached others, the public speaking and mentoring was an extension of that.

I began by writing poetry, as most broken people do, and I wrote some amazing words, good words, and words that have been conveyed to the cross-shredder that wasn't in existence in homes when they were written.  Rightly so.  Partly they were garbage, and some of them were just too raw to see the light of day.

The poetry became famous at work and I landed up writing requests, which told me that I was able to write on a variety of subjects not just my own misery.

The poetry led on to plays, and I actually acted in my first play when it was performed by our amateur dramatic group.  That was an experience I never thought to have, I just asked them to read it and critique it, I didn't expect them to say "let's do it!"  That's where I learned that I can be funny!

All of which led to the book, blogs, articles in mainstream spiritual magazines, on-line, and now as an Ask the Experts columnist for Spirit & Destiny magazine.

I will gradually add some poetry, articles, and no doubt 'musings' as I continue to flesh out this website and make it a home-away-from-home that represents me.

Anxiety Blog

"One must have chaos in oneself
in order to give birth to a dancing star"

Whilst I don't believe you must have chaos, your chaos,
anger, and negative thoughts are 
showing you exactly what you need to change.  Might as well use the lesson!


This has been an absolute revelation for me. Deb doesn't appear to say anything earth shattering initially, yet as you read on you realise that somehow she manages to pull together so much common sense and spiritual truth that all those little bits you've heard down the years all come together and make sense. That's not to say however she's rehashing old ideas; she is absolutely not. In fact there are some 'accepted' ideas that Deb actually turns on their head. 
Debs (Essex)

I never realised how much I needed this book until I read it.
It's the best Spiritual/self development/help book I've come across. It's insightful, inspirational and full of light and humour.
The writer speaks from a place of truth using their own experiences as well as their connection to Spirit, which adds a realness to each chapter and let's you feel like you're not alone.  I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who needs some guidance in life...it's an invaluable resource to go back to time and time again if you feel a little lost.

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