Transforming you

Take control of your life, create a more positive present, and you will automatically create a great future.  The future is a direct result of what you're doing right now, the longer problems continue the future into your future they travel.  It's never to early to get a grip, say 'no more' and take action.  There are several options for working with me.

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One and Done Coaching

Ideal for people who only need to focus on one issue, or clear their mind. £250/2 hrs.

Should you need to continue coaching it will be offered at a reduced rate.

Personal Coaching

Ideal for people with a variety of problems they want to look at.  Three month programme with a catch up three months later to check you're on track.

£95.00 an hour

Prepay 3 sessions £200.00

Transform Programme

For those who want to go it alone I'm developing a modular programme that you can work through in your own time.  

Each module will be priced individually, with discounts if you buy more than one, and should you decide that going it alone isn't a good idea and you need more help, I will discount a coaching programme for you.

Message me if you want to...

Psychic Mediumship

1-2-1 mediumship readings - contact with people in spirit.

Psychic readings - about you and your life.

£45 for 90 minutes

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Spiritual Mentoring Groups

I run daytime and evening spiritual mentoring groups.  We focus on personal development and living life from a stronger viewpoint, as well as psychic and mediumship techniques.  You will also learn to connect safely and build a strong link with your life guide.

Sessions are fortnightly, for 2 hours, and membership of the group brings you other benefits such as a free coaching session with me, various freebies, and discounts on all my other work.

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Current prices are open to discussion during these difficult times.

Normal service will resume when normality resumes.