I went to Deb thinking I had so many problems I didn't know what to do or where to start.  She surprised me by giving me an A4 drawing pad and a stack of colour pencils, and telling me to do a mind-map of all my problems while she made me a hot drink.  She walked back in 15 minutes later and showed me that I only had 3 problems.  I'd only used three colours, and I could clearly see that everything written in blue was about my relationship, black was about finances, and green was about emotions.  If you'd have told me that on my third visit three months later I'd have been telling Deb that all those problems were solved I wouldn't have believed you.  But she keeps things so simple, and has a wonderful clarity about her.  Highly recommended.  Paula - Worcestershire

I'm a company director, I had a reading with Deb at a show in London arranged by the business park I worked on.  I'd tried everything to solve a problem, and frankly a psychic reading was a bit weird, but what the heck.  All I can say is that it's amazing what this lady can do in 15 minutes with 5 Tarot cards.  Frank - Chiswick.

I saw Deb just after my husband died in a tragic accident.  I'm a single mum with a young son, and I didn't know how to keep going.  She gave me a reading that was very accurate, including picking up the unbelievable way Chris died.  I felt better, but when I got home I couldn't hold onto the feeling.  I called Deb for another reading and she said no, but I could come and see her for a chat.  I went down and she talked a lot of common sense into me about allowing time to heal rather than spending a fortune on another reading and still wanting more confirmation.  She didn't charge me, and told me to call or email any time I felt I couldn't cope.  I have a few times, she's always answered, never charged me again, and I'm doing okay.  Andrea - Cheltenham

I went to a stage event Deb did partly because I was absolutely desperate for help with a problem friend.  She stood up and said that the first 6 people who called out a problem, she would solve it for them.  I had nothing to lose so I called out "Friends who betray you".  She went up to the flip chart, wrote that down, then took a red pen and crossed out the word friends, and said "next problem."  I told her she hadn't solved my problem, she said she had, as I went to challenge that I realised that she had.  It probably sounds too simple to say this, but once she'd talked me through it I realised that friends do not betray you, if a person does they are not your friend, nor do they like you.  I walked out of that even on air.  The following week the person tried to humiliate me in front of 500 people, I dealt with it simply and easily, and walked out with my head held high.

Thanks Deb.  Diane - Bristol

I had a mediumship reading with Deb.  She told me things I did understand, but one I definitely didn't.  A birthday date of 14th March.  She asked me to go home and ask my mum.  I did.  I'd never known my birth father, he died when I was a baby, but both he and his father had been born on 14th March.  Mum was certain she'd never told me.  Wow.  Aileen - Wiltshire.

I engaged Deb as a coach, I had romantic, parent, and career issues, and I was feeling lost.  She gave me three months coaching, then six months follow ups to make sure I stayed on track.  I did, I sorted out all the problems, gave her a call if I got stuck, and I'm really please what I've achieved, including two promotions.  Sue - Barbados