A Long History
of Public Speaking

I've been speaking in public for over 30 years now, starting in am-dram which helped me to learn how to connect with an audience.   Moving on to my history degree where you were required to put together 45 minute seminars with 15 minutes Q&A at the end, from a tutor who knew the subject inside out and backwards. 

Then I discovered that I was a medium in the middle of a telephone call, and thought I'd better get some training as to what to do with this unexpected ability, and eventually found myself demonstrating to large groups of people.  It is a strange thing to get up on a stage and have no idea what's going to happen, and I wouldn't change it for the world.  

From there I became a spiritual mentor and started teaching evening and weekend courses to a wide variety of people. 


I worked at Warners' Cricket St. Thomas Hotel in Somerset as their resident medium and speaker, doing two talks a week for their clients, as well as readings.


Finally I joined Toastmasters International, the public speaking and leadership training group, and I've been honing my speaking skills once a fortnight since 2016.  I've also won a few competitions, which is remarkable as the organisation trains exceptional public speakers.

To the right you can see a sample of the speeches I offer, it was hard to keep it to 3 as I have a huge number of different speeches ready for an audience, but I also enjoy creating something specific for groups and organisations and am always open to ideas.  I also work on line.

I will admit that my all-time favourite isn't on that list as it's a specialist speech, whereas those are suitable for most audiences.  My all-time favourite is:


The Mystery of Mediumship

Who we are
What we do
How it's done

why magicians
don't do what we do

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