about me

Sharing an empowering message of hope and infinite possibilities

in a world where we can often feel hopeless and powerless.

I'm an author, columnist for Spirit & Destiny Magazine's 'Ask the Experts' section, professional public speaker, and psychic medium.  I know that sounds like a lot of different things but it all boils down to that mission statement above.  


This world can feel overwhelming far too much of the time, and more and more people are feeling lost, mental health issues are the fastest growing illness in the western world today, these are big concerns for which there are solutions.  It doesn't have to be like this no matter what others tell you.  There are a whole swathe of people living in a completely different way, all of whom came from pain, loneliness, and failure, and decided to find something better.  I'm one of them, and I'm good at 'finding' people who feel lost.

I came from an emotionally broken family, for many good reasons, but unfortunately that translated into an upbringing I wouldn't wish on anyone.  I was never abused physically in any way, the hurt was completely emotional; but then broken people often struggle, and fail, to bring up well-balanced children.  


By the time I was 26 I was completely broken, there was literally no area of my life that wasn't a complete mess, and I was in a miserable relationship.  I suffered from acute anxiety, something that wasn't diagnosed for another 22 years so I was the family 'nervous wreck', and frankly I was considering suicide.  However, I had a friend who turned out to be a very spiritual guy, and he began mentoring me as I now mentor others.  Having accepted his help I then went out and got two kittens, on the grounds that I had to have something to get up for in the mornings, and that was a great help.  The rest as they say is history, and can remain in the past where it belongs.  Never spend too much time thinking about that which cannot be changed.

Since then I haven't just turned my life around, I've completely transformed myself and my mind into someone that I like.  Yes I still have moments of anxiety, but they're normal moments.  I have a life I love, a husband I love, I've had 10 more cats since those two beautiful creatures passed to spirit, and we still have 5 with us.  I love my work, I love helping people, I love creating smiles and reminding people that this world is full of infinite possibilities and abundance in all good things, and no one is excluded from all that happiness and joy, you just need to know where and how to find it.  If you want to know, contact me.  The answer is simpler than you may think.

To your happiness, Deb.  


Apart from studying spiritual thinking for over 30 years, and reading goodness knows how many books, attending weekend courses and seminars, I've also had the following training:

  • Mediumship and Psychic Work

  • Qualified Life Coach

  • Certificate in Counselling Skills

  • NLP Master Practitioner (some handy techniques but not something I use)

  • Law of Attraction Practitioner (I prefer the term manifesting now, but it's something I strongly believe in)

  • Infinite Possibilities Trainer, certified by Mike Dooley of www.tut.com

I also study diplomas in different things just for fun and to keep my mind active and challenged.  Because I have to wait for each module to be marked I'm switching between Buddhism, Astrology, and Numerology, at the moment.  There are so many techniques that you can bring to bear when you're trying to clear your mind, and I love researching and studying them.