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I Offer

As a spiritual worker and speaker I can offer a range of techniques to support you to improve you thinking, your feelings, and your life.  As well as gaining insight and clarity about your inner truth and your future.  I can mentor you through the change process.  I also offer guidance and mediumship readings.  Click learn more for further information or to book an appointment or free chat.


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I've been speaking for over 30 years.  I speak to amuse, inspire and motivate people to change their lives, as well as sharing  the magic of my life.  I'm can also do bespoke talks for your organisation.  

Psychic Medium


Psychics read your energy; Mediums can connect to the spirit world; I can do both.  Contact me for life guidance or to reconnect with lost loved ones, friends, and pets, in the spirit world.  Pet's are very good at mind-to-mind communication, as everyone who's ever forgotten to feed their pet knows!

1-2-1 Mentoring


If you're struggling with life I offer a coaching/mentoring session, I start with one as it's surprising what you can achieve when you have a psychic helping out.  We have an ability to understand you much faster than most people.  Hit the enquiry button, and we will see if it's right for you.

Writer | Author | Columnist

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 I started as a poet and playwright before I moved onto books.  I was also a columnist for Spirit & Destiny magazine but I now write for More to Life.  My work has been featured in several  mainstream spiritual magazines.  For enquiries, or to buy my book:


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I offer a number of programmes to help you feel more in control of your life.  They're all designed to elicit personal insights to help you find your power, strength, and certainty.

Group Mentoring

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I run mentoring groups in the daytime and evenings.  The group supportive energy adds so much to the mentoring process, including always having someone to speak to who cares about you.   It's 24/7 support and I'm here to help.