I offer two types of reading:

Mediumship:  Connection to lost loved ones, friends, and pets in the spirit world.

Psychic:  With or without divination cards, such as Tarot.  A reading about you, your life, how you're feeling right now, and your potential.

At any point through a reading if you feel uncomfortable just let me know and I can pause or stop.  You are always in control.

Mediumship can be a little unsettling the first time, just bear in mind that I am speaking to a living energy, and it's as natural to me as talking to you.  There will be nothing weird, it's a straightforward conversation with me as an intermediary.  I'm basically a radio aerial.  


I will be looking for evidence from your loved ones that you can verify as being correct, yet know I could not have known.  As such please let me know whether information is right or wrong, but don't give me any information.  "Yes I understand that" or "No I don't understand that" or "I may understand that can you get more about it?" is all you need to say.  Click contact me to book.



£40 for 90 minutes.

Contact me for prices for families, and groups.  

Rainbow Pen

"Thank you for the reading Deb, and your ongoing support.  I really appreciate you talking gentle sense to me when I became obsessed with seeing Mediums.  You gave me accurate information from my late husband that could only have come from him, but you also made me see that I owed it to myself and my children, and him, to move forward with my life knowing he would always be a part of us." 
Annette - Gloucestershire