• Deb Hawken

Transform Your World

In August 2010 I went to a scientific/spiritual conference in London, and quite unexpectedly the help I wanted to offer people became clear. I want to help you transform everything.

I'd been in the mind, body, spirit, field for over 20 years, preceded by 10 years of self improvement. With all that walking the walk and training you would have thought I'd be ready to launch myself onto an unsuspecting world, which I did, yet I always felt that there was something missing.

That something turned out to be some of the latest steps in quantum physics and neuroscience, delivered by some of the most spiritual people I've ever met. It was at that point I felt that I had mind, body, and spirit in a very real way. I've never been all about the weird, I've always felt that true spirituality is a way of life and a deeper self-knowledge that connects you to the mysteries of the universe, and finally I had the key that made sense of that feeling. Your mind controls your life, your body carries the emotions of that life, and your spirit screams like a banshee when everything feels wrong, and sings like an angel when it feels right.

So welcome to my work, to my weird, wacky, wonderful world, and I hope that I can help you improve yours. You deserve the best that life has to offer, but only you can go out and get that.

To your happiness - Deb xx

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