• Deb Hawken

Simplicity Rocks

We live in a world that worships complexity. Where life is difficult, it's full of challenges, it's a struggle, and so on. There's almost a feeling of creating that struggle in order to overcome it, thereby proving you're brave, and you've earned some sort of recognition. That's a lot of wasted energy that could be spent on more productive things.

One example. Many years ago I was reading for someone and they asked me how to make a big decision in their life. We talked it through and came to a conclusion, and still they weren't sure. I asked "will taking this decision make you happy?" The client said it wasn't as easy as that. We went back and forth for a bit with "yes it is"/"no it isn't" until suddenly she looked at me and said "of course, if it will make me happy I should do it, if it won't I shouldn't." It really is THAT simple.

I would add to that, if you don't know in your heart whether a decision will be good for you, try it for 3 months, review, then at the most give it another 3 months. If in that time you still can't decide, then I would consider moving on.

It's important to be self-honest though. If you're pretending you're okay but constantly stressed, upset, exhausted, snappy, struggling to sleep, and so on, then clearly you aren't. Simplicity only works if you're not afraid to face yourself and your feelings.

Remember - no one knows what you're thinking and feeling except you, so you can be self-honest.

To your happiness and good decisions made easily - Deb xx

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