• Deb Hawken

How Do I Feel?

In a world where the mind is king and feelings have been denigrated as being too emotional for too long, it's very hard to make the transition to total living.

Total living means that you ask your heart how it's feeling about what's going on, you ask your gut how it's reaction to what's happening around you, then you take that information up to your mind and let it process the logic and help you with the decisions you need to make.

If you connect with The HeartMath Institute ( you will discover, amongst other things, that the current scientific understanding is that the heart has more braincells than the brain, and is able to communicate with our minds, as such ignoring the feelings of your heart is a very bad idea.

If you want to feel whole, if you want to life a wholesome life in the sense that your mind, feelings, and emotions are all in sync, then you must take note of every part of your body that is sending you feelings, emotions, tension, stress, and so on. A good book to start understanding this is Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life".

To your wholesomeness - Deb xx

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