Latest Updates

19th October 2020

Pardon the appearance, I'm in the process of rebranding and rebuilding a fresh website.  So although there's not a lot here, do check back soon, or go to the contact page to join my mailing list and I'll let you know when there's an update.

September 2020

Having returned to Toastmasters, the international speaking and leadership organisation, I was asked to make up the numbers in a competition, I went in for fun, managed to win, and now I'm through the next round as well.  Life is more interesting when you do things for fun, even if they mean a lot.  Be a Buddha, do things for the journey, not the result.


June 2020

Transform has been born.  Throughout my time as a psychic medium, coach, and mentor I've felt that there was something missing.  I found that something at The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution last year.  The lockdown gave me time to stop and think about what the new knowledge means to me, and to try it out myself.  I don't believe in sharing what I haven't tried.  I'm so impressed with the connection between spirituality and science, and how neatly the ideas fit together. and found it transformational.  So Transform takes in the science, the manifesting, and the spirituality that I believe leads to finally being your true self and living a life that makes you happy.