A Variety of One Thing

I'm trained in a variety of disciplines all aimed at helping people to live their best lives, on their own terms.  I deliberately embraced a variety of training as we're all unique and no one size fits all applies to the human psyche.  

My approach is always a combination of speed and simplicity.  It's a myth that change is hard, takes years, and is difficult to achieve.  Change can be simple and easy if you're offered the right techniques, taken through the right processes, and empowered to find your truth.  In fact one process of change I personally followed eradicated 35 years of acute anxiety in just one month.  It can be done.  You also want to avoid the healing trap and/or permanently improving trap - the one where you constantly feel the need to be better.  It's important to get to the stage that whilst there's still so much to learn about life, you are better and you're learning and manifesting from that perspective.  

As I speaker I seek to inspire or motivate people to take action; I'm an insper-actional speaker.  I do this by challenging conventional thinking, simplifying complex thinking, and introducing audiences to the work of the spiritual field and its practical place in life.  I can also tell you why 86,400 may be the most important number you'll ever encounter.  

As a medium I seek strong, clear, verifiable evidence, from your loved ones and friends in spirit, and even your pets (yes they're very good communicators and yes they do have souls and go to heaven).  I don't need to know anything about you before we meet other than a first name and a contact number in case I need to call you.  

As a psychic I read your energy field to help you gain insight into yourself and your life.  Whilst I don't predict the future, I am able to see options and opportunities, as well as solutions to problems, and offer you guidance that you can follow if you wish.  With psychic and mediumship work you should be aware:

For legal, medical, financial, or other practical advice,

always seek the help of an appropriate expert.

For inspiration see a psychic.  To reconnect with lost loved ones, see a medium.

It isn't just irresponsible for us to give such advice, it's against the law.  We're not qualified to help you make legal, medical, or financial decisions, and it's certainly something I don't do.

No matter how I'm working, I'm always aiming to help.

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My first win in a speaking competition!

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