People who changed my life

I enjoy learning, but I also feel that you shouldn't ask others to learn, grow, change, find their happiness, live their dreams, and so on, if you're not doing the same thing.  Some of these people may interest you, I haven't said too much about them, you'll be attracted to the right name(s).  I recommend them all.


Mike Dooley

Rose to fame in the book "The Secret" but has moved forward a great deal since.  He teaches manifesting, the Law of Attraction, and Infinite Possibilities.  I'm an IP Trainer.

Dr Joe Dispenza

It's hard to explain the positive impact of this man unless you've read his work or attended a course.  Life-changing doesn't begin to describe the effect he had on me - 45 years of acute anxiety gone in one book, one meditation set, and one month!

Andy Dooley

Yes they're brothers.  I love Andy's humorous approach, and the joy he brings to his work. 

10 minutes with Andy is better than 10 glasses of champagne, and you don't get a headache!

Gregg Braden

He spreads a message of hope and possibility.  Also a scientist, he teaches so many incredible things about the human mind and body, how life works, ancient civilisations, and more.  He's a  fascinating author and speaker.

Abraham Hicks

The people I've mentioned already all follow the Law of Attraction, and for a long time I didn't connect with the people who helped to bring this to modern attention:  Esther & Jerry Hicks and Abraham.  Once I did pick their book up everything changed.  I highly recommend you go to the source with this one.