Individual Mentoring

Welcome to a space where you won't get squeezed through a generic programme that takes months and is the 'perfect fit' for 7 billion unique individuals!  

My aim is to uncover the authentic you and help you to live life on your own terms.  

We will do it in three steps:

  1. Identifying what's wrong.

  2. Deciding on your future - maybe we will use a vision board for this!

  3. Creating a step-by-step plan starting with the simplest thing you need to change.

Using this very simple process and adding in my psychic and intuitive ability, the Life Audit and MOT (c),  maybe one mind map, my last client went from internal and external chaos to all problems solved in less than three months.  It's easier than you think.  Why not start with a FREE 20 minute chat?

Pricing Options

£297 for three months

£200 if you pay up front

Three instalments of £99.00

All prices subject to discussion during these difficult times.

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Monthly price options (Groups):




For two, two hour sessions plus personal support if required

Rainbow Pen

"What can I say about how I feel about your help and support in the group? You have given me the confidence to be myself, helped me develop my connection with Spirit and my Guide, and gently encouraged me to believe in my gifts.  You are always there for us all, and always make us feel good about ourselves. You have become a true friend and mentor."

Ruth (Berkshire)

Spiritual Mentoring Groups

I have morning, afternoon, and evening groups available. We coverall aspects of spiritual work.  The aim is for attendees to drive their own spiritual development with my support.  The strong message of the groups is personal empowerment.  The groups are suitable for anyone, including those who don't wish to become psychics, mediums, or healers.


The current groups have formed a close support network of acceptance and encouragement.  It's my ambition to keep building this network so that like-minded spiritual people have somewhere to meet friends and get support.   


They also have my ongoing support as part of the monthly fee, and I often set up a personal chat with someone struggling and give them some 1-2-1 time, to work through the things that are holding them back.

If you're interested in joining a group contact me.