Image by JJ Ying

Spiritual Mentoring Groups

My Spiritual Mentoring Groups are about more than teaching, we have become a community of like-minded, supportive souls, who only want the best for each other and are there to help in times of trouble.

We cover the usual aspects of spiritual work:  Card readings; mediumship; psychic readings; psychic exercises.  We connect with our spirit guides, and through visualisations and a wide variety of often unexpected exercises.  My Guide Amos is nothing if not inventive and a past-master at helping you get in touch with your truth with minimal effort and magical techniques.

We've been together nearly 2 years now, one group on a Monday evening at 7.00 pm UK time, and one on a Wednesday morning at 11.00 am UK time.

We value each other highly, and we have a great deal of fun.

Contact me for a chat if you're interested.