When I first discovered that I was a Medium I had no idea what to do with that information.  Through a story that belongs on the Miracles page, I was given my first Guide, Eduoard.  Eduoard was followed by White Cloud, and Amos followed him.   We have worked together now since 2007, and I am so grateful for this connection in my life.  He is literally my greatest strength and support.

This probably sounds odd to a non-medium or someone who doesn't follow this subject.  But for people like me it's as natural as any human-to-human relationship.   Everyone has a life-guide, or guardian angel, and many people say that they feel as if a guardian angel helps them in times of great sadness or trouble 


Amos is a life-guide and definite guardian angel, but he also fulfils the role of working guide (Spirit Guide).  Not every spiritual worker has one, not every spiritual worker needs one, but my complete inexperience in this field, with no one to help me, meant that I need the guidance of spirit to know what to do next.

He is Amos the Prophet, famous for explaining all the books of the Old Testament in one sentence.  His themes were social justice, an abhorrence of violence, and the downfall of Israel.  When I read that people aren't sure whether he was predicting the fall or warning of it in order to avoid it, I don't need to be told that it was a warning in the hope it could be avoided.  When he works with me and difficult cards come out in the Tarot, he always reads them as opportunities and guidance to avoid difficulties.  There's a bit about him here if you're interested:


Guides will present themselves as you need them to be, drawing on different lifetimes and experiences that you need to help you.  We've all had many lifetimes, many incarnations, and he chose to present his soul as this person of compassion, equality, wisdom, and strength, because that's the support I needed in this lifetime, and I had embraced similar humanitarian interests prior to connecting with him. 


Spirit have many ways to reach into our lives and offer support when we need it, and you don't have to have a clue about any of this to have someone over there watching out for you every day of your life.  If you believe in an afterlife, and I believe in a before and afterlife, in other words we come to earth from the spirit world and return there when we pass, then is it so weird to think of asking your best friend for eternity (BFFE) to support you in a challenging world and help you make the best of it?  For me it feels entirely logical, entirely natural, and entirely wonderful.