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Author - Columnist - Public Speaker - Mentor - Psychic Medium

My life journey led to my work, hence the variety of things that I do, which all blend into one thing: a unique method to help unique individuals in individual ways.  You were pushed through a generic programme at school, you don't need that in adult life.  I continue to learn and develop to keep my mind alive, and ensure my life doesn't become stagnant.

I began my own journey over 30 years ago using my newly acquired spiritual thinking to change myself and my life.  During that time I began to write poetry, as so many do, some of which went in the bin 10 years later with a wince!  I also wrote a play that was produced on stage. 


As part of that journey I discovered that I was a medium, during a telephone call, and then a psychic.  That led to sharing my message on stage at spiritual events, which led me to Toastmasters International where I've won competitions, and on to the public stage. 

So that's me, the rest is all about you.  Go to Transform You to find out what I can offer you in the way of help and support to create the life you wish you had, or solve an irritating problem once and for all!

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