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Hello and Welcome

If you don't believe in the existence of spirit, life after death, and guardian angels/spirit guides, you're probably in the wrong place.  If you're already a convert, lovely to have you here; if you're not yet into practical-magic, but seeking something different because the same-old same-old hasn't been working, you may very well have turned up exactly where your soul directed you.

I didn't seek these beliefs deliberately, they came and found me when I was 26, upped the anti when I was 36 and became a medium in the middle of a telephone call, and through them I learned to live life in the real world in a much healthier and effective way.  I was also guided to the solution and ending of 45 years of acute anxiety by my guides Eduoard, White Cloud, and now Amos. 

The effect of a practical, this life based, spiritual belief system is very real, and helps you at home, at work, in relationships, anywhere really.  I'm also a Law of Attraction Practitioner, and to me a spiritual life and the Law of Attraction are one and the same, both are based on energy work, and both aim for only the best.  Together they can create a very satisfying, practical, reality.

So if you're already a believer, or may be willing to try something wonderfully different, welcome to my world.  See the testimonial below for a different approach that surprised and helped a very stressed lady at the end of her tether.   

I'm currently developing this situ but it takes time to get it right, and I'm also 39,000 words into my second book and the priorities really have to go with the creative flow.  I also run spiritual mentoring and support groups where all one-upmanship is banned, we all support each other to just do our best, and we celebrate everyone's achievements in a real way.  Apart from that I'm a public speaker, highly trained by Toastmasters and born to entertain.  One thing I love about this work - the simpler you keep it and the less serious you are, the better!

The best description I've ever had of the way I work is "You're the Eric Morecambe of Mentoring, you do all the right things but not necessarily in the expected way."  Referencing the classic Andre Previn sketch of course.

Find details of MY WORK here. 
Find details of MY BOOK(S) AND WRITING here (page in progress).

There are many more pages under construction, and I'll explain Amos on the Miracles page when I get it done.  But the most important thing is, if you would like a reading, to join one of my groups, book me as a speaker, or just connect and find out more about me.  CLICK HERE.

P.S.  The Dancing Star bit comes from the Nietzsche saying in the footer.


"I went to Deb as a Spiritual Coach with more problems than I knew what to do with.  She surprised me by giving me coloured pencils and a drawing pad and left me alone for 15 minutes.  The page was covered with problems and I felt awful until she looked at it and said that I only had 3 problems and showed me how she knew - just using colour!  If you'd told me that at our 3rd session I would be telling her that every problem was solved I would not have believed it possible, but it was.  She's so easy to work with, utterly supportive, and I felt safe to be myself with her." 
Paula; Coventry.

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What I Do

I inspire people to find out who they are and live life on their own terms.  I don't specialise in women, men, or people of any particular age.  I work with soul and souls are all genders and all ages.  I specialise in simplicity and solving problems as quickly and easily as possible.


The best way to connect is for a FREE chat with no preconceptions on either side, and start from there.


"One must have
chaos in oneself
in order to
give birth to a
dancing star."


The Book

The book is a handbook for positive, permanent change.  It's full of life hacks and ideas that I hope will make life easier to navigate and help you strengthen your emotions and self-belief.  It's based on what I think of as practical spirituality for everyday living.  I follow a spiritual path, but it's based on making my life better in the earthly life.  It's powerful stuff!


Click on the image to go to Amazon, it's available as an e-book and paperback.  You can order a signed copy from me if you wish by sending me an email.   Bought directly from me the book will be £7.99 plus P&P.