There is always light if you are your own rainbow!

Transform Your World from the Inside Out

Writing and speaking are my first loves, I also do psychic guidance readings and mediumship, as well as running spiritual development groups and workshops.


I'm a qualified coach and trainer, and a rather stunned award winning speaker.

The best way to connect is to CONTACT ME for a free chat.

Latest Testimonials

"I went to Deb as a Spiritual Coach with more problems than I knew what to do with.  She surprised me by giving me coloured pencils and a drawing pad and told me to create a mind map. 
The page was covered and I felt awful
until she looked at it and said that I only had 3 problems, and showed me how she knew - just using colour!  If you'd told me that at our 3rd session I would be telling her that every problem was solved I would not have believed it possible, but it was.  She's so easy to work with, utterly supportive, and I felt safe to be myself
with her." 
Paula; Coventry.

Hi Deb, I just wanted to thank you very much for meeting me today and for all your positive advice.  I’ve been thinking
a lot about what you said about taking a little longer to get me and the kids better before embarking on anything too big,
and feel like it’s taken a lot of pressure off. 
I found it so interesting listening to the reading and it was so relevant to my situation and helpful  Just to have some words of hope that everything can work out, means such a lot, thank you so much. 
Thanks again for the book too, I’m going
to be busy reading now 😊
Sarah; West Midlands

I already knew Deb before I purchased her book, but even then I was not quite prepared for what a marvellous self help tool it would become for me. There are so many 'me too' moments and the book doesn't just put forward the things that Deb did for herself but how I could utilise it in my life. I have read it cover to cover several times and frequently 'dip in' to re-read and get pertinent information/help/suggestions. I have told Deb before that when I am trying to motivate or encourage myself I do so in her voice. It inspires you to believe that you 'can' and is so worth having.
Tina H:  Bristol

My Approach

I inspire people to find out who they are and live life on their own terms.  I don't specialise in women, men, or people of any particular age.  I work with soul and souls are all genders and all ages.  I specialise in simplicity and solving problems as quickly and easily as possible.


"One must have
chaos in oneself
in order to
give birth to a
dancing star."


My Work

I offer the following services:

  • I'm an inspir-actional public speaker seeking to inspire change.  I have a number of talks prepared, or I can create one specifically for your group.

  • Psychic or Mediumship Readings

  • Fortnightly, online, spiritual mentoring groups on Monday evenings or Wednesday mornings.

  • I also offer personal mentoring appointments, including on line.  

If you're interested in any of the above CONTACT ME  for a quick chat to see how I can help.  I'll also give you the current prices.


The Book

The book is  full of life hacks and ideas that I know makes life easier to navigate .  It was written to help you strengthen your emotions and self-belief, and deal with challenges in a different way.  If you struggle with self-belief, self-confidence, difficult relationships, a challenging family, being in the wrong career - or in my case entirely the wrong life...give it a try!


Click on the image to go to Amazon, it's available as an e-book and paperback.  You can order a signed copy from me if you wish by sending me an email.   Bought directly from me the book will be £7.99 plus P&P.



I write a weekly newsletter and post it on my Facebook page: I will also add back copies to this site shortly.